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Whitney Cleveland was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and has lifelong, home roots in Kingsland, Georgia. She attended school in Athens, Georgia, graduating with a degree in public health. Her education gave her a special love for wellness, healthy living, and safer products!

In 2019, Whitney was introduced to Beettan through a pharmacist and fellow Beettan business owner who is passionate about safer beauty and ingredients that we place on our largest organ, our skin! Beettan won her over with it's natural look and organic ingredients. Beettan spray tan solution and products are made from organic sugar beets with a smooth aloe base to hydrate and help maintain the integrity of the tan while it is developing so you can get dressed immediately! 

Safer product, organic ingredients, and a natural look? Sure, why not try it! Beettan spray tan solution not only delivers but lasts 7-10 days. It's quick and uses science to darken your skin's pigment to it's natural beauty. 

Whitney truly loves what she does! She couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Beettan company, paving the way for safer beauty products out there.

Whitney Cleveland

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